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“The backbone of the American economy has been for years based on manufacturing and certainly in Northeast Ohio, on steel manufacturing. But decades of failed trade policies that have hurt our workers, and sent good paying jobs overseas have put us at a disadvantage in the global steel market. Ohio cannot afford any more plant shutdowns or job losses resulting from ineffective trade laws and a lack of trade enforcement. 

“One of my priorities in Congress is to protect our steel workers by investing in our steel industry and make our trade laws fairer. As a member of the Congressional Steel Caucus, I am fighting against loopholes in Foreign Trade Zones that undermine the trade relief that domestic industries, like steel, have obtained under antidumping and countervailing duty laws.

“I am an original co-sponsor of the TRADE Act, a bill that promotes a better trade model by mandating trade pact reviews, establishing standards, protecting workers, and helping restore congressional oversight of future trade agreements.

“Since the beginning of this decade, we have lost more than 5.5 million manufacturing jobs.  That is a wakeup call for elected leaders because we need to build things in America. It’s not only about economic security but national security. Fairer trade policies can save our steel jobs and save our economy in Ohio. While I’m championing trade reform, I’m also investing in the jobs of the future to help our manufacturers retool and compete in a clean energy economy. For example, there are 8000 manufacturing parts and 200 tons of steel that go into making wind turbines.

“When we push for fair trade, mandate trade pact reviews, and reward our manufacturers for making their products here at home, we invest in the future of our workers, the future of our domestic industry, and our ability to compete globally.”
-Congressman John Boccieri, OH-16

For more information: http://boccieri.house.gov/

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