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New Report on Risks to Homeland Security Calls for Revitalizing American Manufacturing to Protect, Respond and Recover

A new report, Preparing for 21st Century Risks, co-authored by former Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge and former Assistant Secretary for Homeland Security Robert B. Stephan, found that many key components and technologies supporting critical infrastructure are no longer manufactured in the United States.

As the Executive Summary notes, "We (America) are becoming too reliant on global suppliers, many of whom may not have our best interests at heart in a time of crisis"…

Steel is singled out in one case study within the report because it plays a critical role in nearly all aspects of domestic manufacturing. The study goes on to state that "steel products and applications are critical to supporting the continuum of preparedness from in-advance disaster mitigation to post-disaster response and recovery." Examples are presented of steel products and materials that are "essential components of our nation’s critical infrastructure base, including those infrastructure systems that provide 'lifeline' services to the American people and serve as drivers of the U.S. economy on an everyday basis."

Critical Infrastructure Examples include:

• Energy

• Transportation

• Public Health and Safety

• Government and Commercial

 The report raises concern about the rising presence of steel imports, “with China leading the pack in terms of steel exports to the U.S.”

The report concludes that "continued erosion of America’s steelmaking capacity represents a significant risk to our national and economic security and national preparedness. Turning this around will require a concerted national effort, as much of this deterioration is accounted for by losses to artificially advantaged offshore competitors, insufficient enforcement of trade laws and policies here at home and a less-than-favorable U.S. domestic investment climate."

To view the full report, click here.

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